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What We Do 

In the world of disadvantaged communities, who have never been recognised, appreciated or afforded the dignity they deserve, the we believe the whole of humanity must engage in sustainable solutions to combat the long lasting and the emerging global challenges .

As such, we endeavour to advocate any situation which upholds the dignity, wellbeing, equality and freedom of humanity. Our aim is to create a prosperous and safe future for all, by catalysing or arranging the calibration order that will maintain the correct balance in the global communities. The platforms we use will be provided to effectively discuss the critical global challenges relating to, humanity, equality and freedom. There has to be a forum that will foster cross cultural understanding to encourage benevolence, that will promote sustainability of the disadvantaged communities. We believe as SDF it is our social responsibility. 

Together with out local partners, we continue to promote and move forward the agenda to achieve Dignity, Equality, and Freedom worldwide.

Who are we? 


Salifu Dagarti is the son of a former Sergeant Major of the Gold Coast Regiment.


Salifu Dagarti was enlisted in the Gold Coast Police at the age 17 and rose through the ranks to Chief Superintended in July, 1960. He had a drill training with the Brigade of Guards in England in 1954, and later became a drill inspector at the Ghana Police.


Salifu Dagarti and his father both served in the World Wars. He was very patriotic and even stood up to defend the nation when his life was in danger during the coup d’etat . He was selfless and passionate towards the under privilege in the communities where he empowered and supported young adults, both man and women, in education and employment. Salifu Dagarti himself was self-educated. It is his self-determination, commitment to support the under privilege, that inspired Nana Haja set up the Salifu Dagarti Foundation with her father SK Salifu Dagarti, in the memory of her grandfather.


In the 1964, Salifu Dagarti met his untimely death through a coup d’etat by an assailant at the Flag Staff House, at the presidential palace . This occurred during his discharge of his duty as the head of Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s personal aid camp.

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