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Supporting single mothers, widows and destitute girls with food clothing, education, health and shelter.

Sanitation & Safe Water Supply

WHO estimates that each year close to 1.7 million people (mostly children under five) die because of inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services (WHO, 2002)


Our aim is to improve the lives of all people with disabilities in urban and rural areas, through empowerment and improved services.


Our aim is to Build and improve the quality of inclusive primary education for all girls and boys for core class subjects in rural areas.

Orphans & Homeless Children

Our aim is to give African orphans and street kids a home.
To create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for these orphans, and give them a healthy diet and a good education.


To ensure enrollment of children in schools convincing parents and sustain them in schools simultaneously encourage school dropouts to continue their education by way of organizing coaching classes also revive coaching talented youth with sports skills

Employment & Skills

Help in the alleviation of rural unemployment and poverty by encouraging women to create income generating activities and cottage industries.  We will also provide women with business education, vocational skills and start up loans, equipment and working space.

Supporting Women
Councelling & Mentorships

We also provide help and counselling assistance to have the girls continue with their education and training.

Raising Awareness

Raise awareness and trough campaigns in rural centers on primary health care, family planning, immunization and vaccination, HIV/AIDS/STD, sanitation, and sex education and workshop.

Training and Support

We aim to provide vocational skills to girls who are threatened with early marriages as a result of family pressure and/or unplanned teenage pregnancies. 


Live Project

Supporting Communities in Ghana

70 per cent of the world’s very poor people are rural, and a large proportion of the poor and hungry are children and young people. South Asia, with the greatest number of poor rural people, and sub-Saharan Africa, with the highest incidence of rural poverty, are the regions worst affected by poverty and hunger. The livelihoods of poor rural households are diverse across regions and countries, and within countries. 


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