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Welcome to Salifu Dagarti Foundation

Salifu Dagarti Foundation (SDF) helps people of African descent

 to fight against poverty.

According to the Rural Poverty Report 2011 in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, more than three-quarters of the poor live in rural areas, and the proportion is barely declining, despite urbanization

Despite massive progress over the past two decades in reducing poverty in some parts of the world – notably East Asia – there are still about 1.4 billion people living on less than US$1.25 a day, and close to 1 billion people suffering from hunger.


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Focusing on the alleviation of rural unemployment and poverty by encouraging communities to self sufficient through successful  cottage industries. Business education, vocational skills and start up loans, equipment and working space.


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Our aim is to improve the lives of disadvantaged tribes people in rural areas through empowerment and improved services. Education, Employment skills



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Salifu Dagarti Foundation began to offer Welfare services to those in detention across the country in January 2016, Due to the on-going detention of thousands of people in UK detention centres



70 per cent of the world’s very poor people are rural, and a large proportion of the poor and hungry are children and young people. South Asia, with the greatest number of poor rural people, and sub-Saharan Africa, with the highest incidence of rural poverty, are the regions worst affected by poverty and hunger. The livelihoods of poor rural households are diverse across regions and countries, and within countries.

Livelihoods are derived, to varying degrees, from smallholder farming – including livestock production and artisanal fisheries – agricultural wage labour, wage or self-employment in the rural nonfarm economy and migration. While some households rely primarily on one type of activity, most seek to diversify their livelihood base as a way to reduce risk. 

 Agriculture plays a vital role in most countries, and typically it is the poorest households that rely most on farming and agricultural labour.

 About 80 per cent of rural households engage in farm activities of some sort, even if it is only part-time and to grow some of their own food requirements. 

In virtually all rural societies, women are the primary caregivers, but they also perform a large part (and often most) of the agricultural work and produce the bulk of the developing world’s food crops. 


Children and youth comprise between 35 and 60 per cent of the developing world’s population, and among poor rural populations their proportions are likely even higher.

Children are our focus
Nurture is the bets form of care
Children look up to us for guidance
Raising Awareness
Providing Education
Training and Employment


Brookside Hall, Billing Brook Rd, Northampton NN3 8NP 

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Donations / Raise money for Salifu Dagarti Foundation
Donations / Raise money for Salifu Dagarti Foundation
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