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Weku Domoshi PROJECT

Updated: Apr 30


Funded by Awards for All, Weku Domoshi provided young people with a unique opportunity in November 2019.

Karfi Club Members experienced:

  • Running a Project

  • Traditional Food Making

  • African History, Empowerment & Confidence Building

  • Mixing and packaging bath salts

  • Learning the essential skills for planning an event

The empowerment of being given the responsibility for managing a project led to an incredible mix of fun and learning for Karfi Club members. The Karfi Club had designed the Weku Domoshi Project as 5 interactive workshops and a community event. The workshops were interactive but attracted a wider age range than expected.

Salifu Dagarti Foundation (SDF) expected to report on the project soon after completion and take forward ideas put forward by the Karfi Club and learning from Weku Domoshi. Unfortunately, Covid had a devastating impact on the plans. The disruption of Lockdown, school online and computer crashes meant plans were thrown in disarray.

The Karfi Club has managed to salvage pictures and other records of the project. Although Omicron created a little panic, normality seems to be returning. Club members will join in celebrating the Platinum Jubilee and implement plans they had pre-Covid. Rescuing the documents for this report has been a positive experience.

Weku Domoshi brought a diversity of people together, a variety of cultural backgrounds and a variety of ages


In September 2019, registration forms were sent out in order to capture essential information of all those

participating in the project:

• Name of Child

• Name of Parent, Guardian or Carer

• Address

• Family Doctor

• Allergies & Current Medication

• Emergency Contact Details

One of the most valuable parts of the project was the opportunity to relax and network with young people from other schools in Northampton. Bonding over food was an opportunity to make new friends and discuss little things like favourite foods and what to do in spare time, and big things like what subjects to choose and future career paths.

A big issue raised by the Girls was Bullying and Racism, for the Boys it was about using music to solve problems, the power of music. The Young Leaders reflected this in their leaflet for the Celebration Event marking the end of the Project. With support from one of the Facilitators who is a Music Consultant as well as an Event Planning Tutor, the Team grasped the essentials of running an event. The Karfi Club organised an enjoyable celebration event using the skills they had learnt in the Event Planning Workshop. Each Participant received a framed certificate. Perhaps a big unexpected lesson was the importance of backing up computer records. After working hard to put together an end of project report, the work was lost as a result of a computer crash. The work had to be reconstructed, but the retrieval would have been easier with a back-up record. Covid created another challenge as a whole new way of communicating had to be learnt. Even though the team was in the same town, it was as though we lived in different countries. Lockdown reminded us all the value of broadband and reliable phones.


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