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Fundraising & Donations

Fundraising is very important to SDF and while we have a team of volunteers helping fundraise, we need help from you.

Corporate Support:

(Companies interested in sponsoring or supporting projects)

Please call us or complete the form to register your companies interest in our work. We will then contact you to discuss how you can help

Funding Declaration

Gift Aid Declaration Form

Please click button to download

Payroll Donation Form

Model Payroll Giving donation form

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Please make these payable to: Salifu Dagarti Foundation

Online Transfers:  HSBC, 75 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1DU
A/C Number:          31540777
SORT CODE:          40-02-33

• £10 could pay for a child to eat every day at school
• £15 could pay for a child school uniform
• £150 could pay for a health nurse for one month in a village
• £60 could pay for a child’s annual fee
• £100 could pay for a care person to help the vulnerable people and the elderly
• £5 will pay for a mosquito net

Donation Details

Please fil in the contact form below when making a donation and include in the message box the description of the donation being made.


Please make these payable to or send to: 

Salifu Dagarti Foundation

Brookside Hall

Billing Brook Rd




Success! Message received.

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